Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Left Eye Twitching Superstition

By Kum Martin

Left eye twitching is a regular incidence among people. It means constant and involuntary muscle shuddering in scientific terms. Twitching of the left eye has a number of superstitions and beliefs attached to it worldwide. Let us discover some of these across the world.

China - According to Chinese belief, left eye twitching symbolizes coming of good luck, whereas twitching of the right eye indicates coming of bad luck. This is applicable for men. In women, it is the other way round. While left eye twitching in women would mean a bad omen, a right eye twitching will bring gold rush and good luck. Another interesting fact is about twitching of the lower left eyelid. It indicates that either there is a gossip going about you or your eyes would shed tears very soon.

India - Indians also believe a lot in twitching of the left eyelid. They have the opposite version of the Chinese beliefs. The twitching of right eye means arrival of good luck and left eye twitching means some good news is expected. Eye superstition is also gender specific in this country. Twitching of the left is good for females, but bad for males.

Africa - In some parts of Africa, people believe in this superstition in some other manner. Few believe that twitching of the left lower eyelid signifies that the eyes are going to shed tears soon. If the upper eyelid twitches, then it indicates that an unplanned meeting with someone would take place. Nigerians, however, believe in the same belief as Chinese do.

In Hawaii, eyelid twitching means coming of an unexpected stranger or hearing some bad news.
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  2. i recently got non-incision type upper eyelid surgery which consists of 3 stitches. about how long til the swelling is gone and wht should i do to help it? thanks!