Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Aquarius Woman Traits

By Dianna Dugan

Aquarius Traits according to astrology is not without fault, however a woman's sign does share some light as to what type of personality they have. If you're looking to woo your woman according to their traits then this information will help you out. Find out how your woman's sign affects their relationships.

Aquarius Woman Traits show that these women are filled with paradoxes. By far the most unpredictable sign in the zodiac. She will have inconsistency and confusion in her life. Other traits are:

• Detached and unemotional
• Loves her freedom
• Hums to a different tune
• Very loyal to those close to her
• Position and power is what she seeks
• Strong will power
• Aquarius woman are intense
• She is subtle and unassuming
• You will not always know where her mind is
• Aquarius woman's minds are unpredictable
• They set high standards for themselves
• Sensitive, intellectual, honest, direct and caring of those close to her
• Needs her space Aquarius Woman is to not be possessive or jealous
• This woman can come in two forms: either shy, sensitive, gentle and patient or exuberant, lively and exhibitionist
• Dry humor
• These women have a wide array of interests
• Can lack self confidence on the inside but not show it on the out
• Electrifying personalities that attract people to them
• Original, inventive and loves fighting for a cause
• Aquarius women loves to host and attend parties
• Helps others in need
• Independent and loves to travel
• Favorite pastime is dreaming and planning for the future
• Stubbornness can cause them to fail
• Witty, clever, concise and logical
• Aquarius don't make close friends easily
• Like to shock and deviate from the norm
• Aquarius women can be very moody
• They like to think big and can make them happen, however they need an assistant to deal with the mundane tasks
• Aquarius are steady income earners
• Very progressive
Aquarius Relationships
Having a relationship with an Aquarius is a roller coaster ride however you will never be bored. If you try to tie one down you will end up the looser.
Aquarius Woman traits in a relationship are:
• Don't bind her and she will love you more for it
• Aquarius relationships are with true and honest people
• Trusts her lover completely
• Aquarius women are turned off by suspicion, possessiveness and criticism.
• If she is unhappy in a relationship then she will split
• Out of sight out of mind attitude
• If she has an affair she will end it quickly
• Always honest
• Getting an Aquarius to marry is difficult
• These women are able to leave a relationship easily due to boredom
• Once married they will be committed and faithful
• If Aquarius women feel a relationship is worth the effort then they will work hard to preserve it
• Very loving and caring mothers
• Needs to be treated with respect
• Don't smother
• Aquarius women needs love and attention
• They enjoy innovative sex
• They are attracted to intelligent partners
• Usually marry late and divorces are rare
• She will marry someone who is her friend first so she can watch how they behave
• Communication is the key to her heart
• Witty verbal battle is another way to spark her interest

This article was written by Dianna Dugan. For further information about dating women based on their type then please check out my website.


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